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Why should I care about unconscious bias?

Biases are deviations of our reasoning and judgment.

Discovering and quantifying unconscious biases can boost your individual and your company’s performance.

You process information with two different processors: explicit or conscious and implicit or unconscious. Both processors impact behaviors.

Your implicit processor impact your attitudes and decisions outside of your own awareness. Your automatic drivers might also be different from what you believe.

Did you ever think:

Why did I take this risk? It was nonsense, completely irrational.

I made that investment only because the financial analyst told me it would make sense. I should have done my own assessment.

I wish I knew how consumers perceive unconsciously our brand.

Why do they think I cannot work with other nationalities. I do not feel that way.

If ever we could better integrate talents from a wider pool without. I know we are doing our best but there is something hidden preventing us from succeeding.

Then you will understand that quantifying unconscious drivers and adapting processes to improve objectiveness can boost individuals and collective performance.

Daniel Kahneman

The science behind it?

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