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The Leadership Recoder

Recode your automatic drivers to be more authentic and inclusive

The Leadership Recoder is the first digital Leadership program integrating the latest knowledge on the unconscious workings of the mind to deeply enhance leadership skills on a sustainable basis.

A scientific, proven effective program, to uncover your authentic leadership traits.

The Leadership Recoder goes significantly beyond traditional leadership programs by accessing the unconscious mind for more impact. Its contents are based on eight years of research on how leaders develop automatic, unconscious assumptions about themselves, others and their organizations. The latest part of the research, conducted in 2014, includes more than 2470 recipients, mainly senior executives and young high potential of more than 70 nationalities:

  • 75% of the leaders are unaware of their actual, true leadership drivers. Introspection or our explicit minds shows limited effectiveness. Tools accessing the unconscious, such as the Leadership Decoder, are necessary to surface, understand and change one’s leadership drivers.
  • we tend to develop inaccurate assumptions about others: most of us believe that women tend to lack self-confidence while most women are in fact self-confident. The Leadership Decoder allows leaders to uncover and challenge such unconscious assumptions.

Clear learning goals: achieve deep and sustainable behavioral change.

The Leadership Recoder allows you, as a leader, to effectively change your mindset and day to day behaviors by integrating three dimensions: yourself; your perceptions of others, your perceptions of corporate norms and values. Its unique database provides you with benchmarks of unconscious perceptions about yourself and others. You can therefore confront your own perceptions in a fact-based manner and select your priorities for action. You will then be coached by the most accurate and customized program to become a more effective leader. The effectiveness of the tasks included in the program has been scientifically measured. To our knowledge, it is the only leadership digital coaching program that generates long term, sustainable behavioral change.

The program includes two steps, depending on your organization’s preferences:

Step 1 – The Leadership Decoder

The Leadership Decoder, to build awareness for your true leadership drivers, surfacing both your unconscious and conscious drivers :

  • Uncover your unconscious self-identity Create awareness for your true authentic leadership drivers, surfacing both implicit and explicit drivers: Am I truly self-confident? Where do I derive my energy from and what is really important to me? Am I seeking power or do I prefer to be liked by others? Am I truly ethical? How do I truly behave when confronted to risky situations?…
  • Surface how you truly perceive others, consciously and unconsciously to become a more inclusive leader. Uncover how your perceptions of others might influence your effectiveness as a leader. Do I have an implicit preference for some people? Do I tend to develop specific unconscious assumptions about some people? Which ones? How might this impact my effectiveness to involve and motivate others and be truly inclusive?

Importantly, the Leadership Decoder can be adapted to include your true perceptions of corporate values, norms and systems. Know how your perceptions of corporate values, norms and system will impact your ability to shape your organization and ability to move forward. How do I induce my teams to allocate their time? Do we tend to have an implicit preference for collective, iterative decision making? Do I encourage fact-based or intuitive decisions? …

Leadership Decoder

Step 2 – The Leadership Recoder

1. Create your personal action along three dimensions:

How can I effectively shape my self-identity and change my unconscious leadership drivers?
Learn simple and effective techniques to reinforce your self-confidence, to become a more caring leader,…

How can I change my unconscious perceptions of others when these do not correspond to my explicit or desired beliefs?
Discover and master proven effective tasks to change your conscious and unconscious perceptions of other and be perceived as an inclusive and trustworthy leader.

How can I shape my automatic perceptions of corporate norms and values?
Based on your organization’s core values and strategic objectives, learn simple, day to day tasks to better align your behaviors with your organization’s leadership competencies.

2. Your digital, day to day program to effectively engrain new mindsets and behaviors:

The Leadership Recoder is the first digital coaching programs with scientific, proven techniques, to effectively change your mindset and behavior.

Over an average duration of 9 weeks, your digital coaching program will regularly invite you to perform certain tasks within your daily routines. The tasks are automatically selected to help you achieve your personal priorities.
The Leadership Recoder is not a training on the side. It is a set of actions you can experiment every day. You will therefore root new, more effective mindsets and behaviors as a leader. You will validate your progress and adapt the program’s pace to your needs: the program will ask you for feedback and adjust itself as you go.

To our knowledge, this digital program is more effective than more traditional coaching program as it accesses the unconscious, automatic workings of the mind. It also engrains the change of automatic behaviors in your daily routines. We have seen senior executives become significantly more inclusive leaders on a sustainable basis.

The Leadership Recoder comes in a standard version focusing on one’s self identity and impact on others.

It can also be customized by Diverseo’s teams to your corporation to align your understanding of your corporate norms and values.

The Leadership Recoder can be followed with significant support from a Diverseo consultant or with autonomous, 100% digital support.