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We quantify the unconscious impact of packaging features to increase sales

Mid adult couple choosing product from shelf while shopping in supermarket dairy section. Horizontal shot

Many complex features of packaging can influence the decisions of consumers. Traditional methods are not always effective in measuring their precise impact on consumers, especially if it is unconscious. Our method helps you to do so.

Can you evaluate on a 5-point scale the exact strength of the influence of the blue or yellow color on your preference for a logo? Even if consumers have no reasons to hide their preference, they will not be always willing or able to make the effortful emotional introspection to rate it. Their evaluations may be moreover biased because they are used to always giving extreme or medium ratings or because this is the last question of the survey, they get bored and answer randomly. If you use eye tracking or eye blinking to overcome this issue, you will get limited and hard-to-interpret data. You will not catch the subtleties of their emotions. If consumers’ eyes are attracted by the yellow logo, is it because they hate this color? Because it does not fit the image they have of the brand? Because they love this logo like that? Emotrig enables to overcome this obstacle by isolating specific perceptions and emotions of consumers. It allows providing you with a quantified and objective evaluation of the impact of your packaging on consumer’s unconsciousness.

Emotrig can help  in various areas such as defining the attributes of your brand logo, to choosing the perfume bottle that fits your marketing message the most, to displaying your supermarket shelves or performing a fact-based selection of the most impacting magazine cover.

Business cases

Coke wants to suggest retailers a new way to reorganize their shelves and wonders if they should use curved or squared shelves. Sometimes explicit preferences of consumers are ambiguous so that you cannot draw any practical conclusion from traditional methods in this case. It is hard to evaluate how far you will be influenced by the shape of the shelves though its impact on your unconsciousness could be significant. Again, using eye-tracking methods will not tell you if consumers look at one shelf because they like it or not and if it fits the brand or type of displayed products.  Impulsview™ enables to give you quantified and objective data on implicit and targeted preferences of your consumers.

Should you use curved or squared shelve to increase your sales of Coke ?

curved or squared shelve