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We map and quantify unconscious attributes and build greater brands

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Brands often have a complex identity and personality which evolve over time and across cultures. Some of their attributes can be punctually captured through traditional marketing methods. If you ask consumers about their perception of a perfume brand, they will probably mention quality and luxury. Nevertheless, they may be unwilling or unconscious to reveal that they enjoy the brand because their friends do or because it triggers the image of sensuality and seduction. Based on the last breakthroughs in cognitive sciences, our approach aims to quantify rigorously these often unconscious qualitative attributes thanks to the very innovative tool Emotrig™. We provide you then with a scientifically quantified image of the perceived identity of your brand and help you build a greater brand.

Business cases

It can happen that for obscure reasons, a successful brand loses momentum.  Even digital marketing may not give you the key of this mysterious decline. You will grasp through blogs, forums and social networks that the brand is disliked and is not fashionable anymore but you may fail in identifying exactly is going wrong with your brand. Because your loyal consumers do not feel anymore self-connected with your brand? Or because the brand is not seen anymore as ‘’hipster’’ so that you fail in capturing new clients from this historical social target group?  In many companies, corporate culture around a brand can be very strong and rigid so that marketers are not always aware of the discrepancies between their perception of their brand and the actual perception of consumers. A spirit brand could have been very fashionable and attractive at a time and get a decaying and unattractive image three years later without marketers acknowledging the spread of this change.

Based on our innovative cognitive tool Emotrig™ , we map and quantify the strength of unconscious consumer attributes of your brand. We identify the discrepancies between the canonical identity of your brand and the actual perceptions of your consumers, today.

Saving your decaying brand

Emotrig on consumers’ implicit perception of a decaying brand

Capturing the ‘’Brand is mine’’: Are Apple-users more self-connected to their brand than PC-users?

Brand is mine

Consumers may be unwilling or unconscious to reveal their personal and intimate connection with the perfume brand, the fact that this brand is theirs because it reminds them of a very happy event in their life or because it matches exactly their personality. However, triggering a strong self-connection with your brand and your consumers ensures a sustainable source of growth in sales. Based on the last breakthroughs in cognitive sciences, our tool Emotrig™ quantifies and helps you monitor rigorously the subtleties of these often unconscious connections between your brand and your consumer, along with mediators ie people, places, other products that create these connections. This method has for instance helped to show that Apple-users and Apple-owners where much more self-connected with Apple than the other PC-users and PC-owners and mainly because close friends were also using Apple. What are the consequences? Put a priority on making consumers become Apple-users as much as possible in universities or in public buildings to reinforce the ‘’brand is mine’’ effect and convert them to Apple-owners.