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Brand stretching

We quantify unconscious attributes for successful brand stretching

Don’t dilute your brand image !

Do not diluate your brand image

The success of a new line of products is often tricky to predict though heavy in consequences. Emotrig ™ significantly improves the success of your brand extension by quantifying both the explicit and unconscious adequation of your brand image with your new line of product.

Brand stretching is a delicate exercise: some brand extensions not only generate useless investments but can also endanger your main business by diluting the image of your brand. However, both qualitative approaches such as focus groups with projective techniques and quantitative surveys can fail to capture the impact of the brand on itsd extension and versa versa. For instance, our method helped capture the negative impact of a soda brand image on its apple juice line extension.

The need for a fact-based assessment of the unconscious impact of a brand extension is reinforced in some companies by a corporate culture around a brand that is so strong that marketers fail to capture and understand how their brand is really perceived by consumers. As a consequence, stretching a brand can make sense for marketers but not for consumers. It is thus necessary to quantify precisely and scientifically the discrepancies between their perceptions and consumers’ ones.