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Provocative ads

Fast, emotionally overloaded, provocative… ads are often complex.


Consumers are not always conscious of their influence.
That is why Emotrig can help you understand what drives its impact and select the most attractive executional elements, to achieve your business goals.

Business cases

Do you prefer a brand advertised by a white or a black celebrity? If you ask directly this question to consumers, they may answer that they do not care about the race though thinking the contrary. Why? Because it is not politically correct for a white guy to explain in a marketing questionnaire, even anonymous, that he does prefer brands presented by a white spokesperson. There are plenty of other situations where consumers will refuse to tell their mind in explicit surveys because it is controversial. Let’s imagine you want to target the black minority with your brand-new product. Your common sense will tell you to use a black spokesperson in advertising. However, a recent study on sport brands our tools has showed that black consumers do not make a big deal of the race of celebrities in advertisement whereas white consumers preferred 42% more the ad with the white spokesperson. Such controversial subtleties cannot be grasped by traditional methods. Knowing that, what decision would you take?

Should you use a white or a black spokesperson in you ad?


How to select the right stimuli for your ad:  Should you use the voice of a celebrity in your ad?

On the air

Let’s imagine  you would like to measure the impact of the voice of a celebrity in your ad. If you show the ad to your consumers and ask them if yes or no they are influenced by the voice of the celebrity, they answer no. Why? Because they do not want to confess, to you and to themselves, that they are in a way ‘’celebrity victims’’. Emotrig can on the contrary reveal  that consumers are unconsciously positively influenced by a voice over of a celebrity in ads, even if the celebrity is not recognized. However, showing the face of the celebrity speaking would generate some mistrust for the brand which would be perceived as needing extra endorsement.