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Reduce unconscious biases in HR decisions – the 7 steps™ tool

Select, hire, and promote the most competent talent with the 7 steps™ online tool

Latest advances in mind sciences show our mind sometimes makes mistakes outside our own control.
We sometimes hire or promote the wrong individual because of our natural unconscious tendency to derail from an objective decision-making process.
The 7 steps™ is a simple tool developed with eminent mind-scientists to:

  • take informed and objective decisions
  • save time in decision-making process
  • feel more confident about your HR decisions

You will be more objective and hire and promote the best.

The tool can be smoothly integrated in any evaluation process to trace and support most key stages of decision while significantly reducing mental inferences.

  • User friendly SaaS tool to tackle unconscious bias to select the best talent
  • Scientifically grounded
  • Impact assessed in thousands of selection decisions