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More objective recruitment process

Diverseo’s recruitment Process Scan ™ is a proven effective approach to significantly improve the objectiveness and effectiveness of recruitment processes.

We integrate years of experience in decision-making processes redesign with our unique expertise in cognitive science to create effective and bias free recruitment processes.

Our approach generally includes the following steps:

A general diagnostic

We start by understanding your organizations’ needs and context.

We then observe how decision makers actually make decisions, with a mix of interviews, direct observations, document reviews. We systematically and exhaustively scan all key decision making points, documents and information received and processed, also searching for small cues or nudges which might impact decisions outside of one’s awareness.

We provide a quantitative assessment of the impact of your process on various talent pools. What is the probability of women, elder or younger employees, various nationalities, candidates with various degrees all with the same competencies to be hired for a specific job?

This diagnostic will provide you with:

  • An assessment of the adequation of your sourcing strategy with your business needs,
  • An opinion of the overall objectiveness of your process and recruiters
  • Key recommendations and priorities to improve the effectiveness of your overall process, with how to best allocate your budgets, structure your process and enhance your recruiters’.


Updated process

Leveraging the latest research in cognitive science, we provide our clients with an updated process, with documents and tools fostering objective decision making. Most often, such tools reduce cognitive overload, facilitate common understanding across a wider range of decision makers and focus time spent on value added tasks.

Results are quite often stricking: over a few months, unwanted turnover is reduced by about 30%. Our clients’ candidates’ pools most often change significantly, allowing large corporations to better capture new growth opportunities, whether by integrating people with different skill sets, or wider pool of international candidates.