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Eliminate recruiters’ bias



Hire the best candidates

The first effective program to eliminate recruiters’ bias




80% reduce their biases*


40% become neutral*

*Effectiveness measured on a sample of training participants. Impact measured with Implicit Association Tests. A significant number of clients reported hiring a more diverse slate of talents, representative of candidate pools.

The outcome of 10 years of research and development with eminent scientists.

Step 1 – Instigate
Business Implicit Association tests

Your website with your own selection of IATs
Invite recruiters and hiring managers to take the tests.
Instigate behavioral change among 80% of test takers

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Step 2 – Educate
In person or online training

An interactive, highly positive training session
Available in person or via video conferencing
90 minutes or three hours with a practical case
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Step 3 – Exercise and sustain
Digital brain training

The first digital brain training
Integrates the latest research in the malleability of bias
Practical, short and simple exercices to be performed on a daily basis
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