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Become a more inclusive leader with interactive sessions

The goal of our trainings is to raise awareness for unconscious biases, foster more inclusive working environments and provide decision makers with strategies to make more objective decisions.

In-person training programs

 Core program for a 3-hour session for executive committees


 Key definitions of what diversity stands for in general and review of the recent progress registered in diversity management effectiveness

Interactive discovery of the unconscious system of thinking (system 1)

 Interactive demonstrations that we do not have complete control over our own minds

 1 or 2 Implicit Association Tests focusing on a key diversity dimension

Impact of diversity on performance

 Demonstrations of the impact of unconscious bias on performance and in day-to-day behaviors and decision making

 Understand why diversity is critical for performance, such as generating breakthrough innovation

Learn how to leverage diversity

 Practical strategies to reduce the impact of unconscious bias in decision making and in managerial behaviors

 General principles and day to day examples on how to better manage diversity at work

Make it yours!

 Key actions to transform the organization and better leverage all talents and points of views

 Discussion to develop and write the management committee diversity roadmap

Large group keynote speaking session:

A live test of how our unconscious perceptions of gender and leadership impact women’s access to leadership positions.