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Unconscious bias and diversity training

Become a more inclusive leader with the first effective program

The outcome of 10 years of research and development with eminent scientists.

The goal of our trainings is to raise awareness for unconscious biases, foster more inclusive working environments and provide decision makers with strategies to make more objective decisions.

Step 1 – Instigate
Business Implicit Association tests

Your website with your own selection of IATs
Invite leaders and managers to take the tests.
Instigate behavioral change among 80% of test takers

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Step 2 – Educate
In person or online training

Interactive, highly positive training sessions
Available in person or via video conferencing
90 minutes to one day with a practical cases
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Step 3 – Exercise and sustain
Digital brain training

The first digital brain training
Integrates the latest research in the malleability of bias
Practical, short and simple exercices to be performed on a daily basis
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“Train the trainer” program

Train people in your organization on the mechanisms of unconscious biases and on the debriefing of Implicit Association Tests.

Our programs are usually intended to take on large masses of training participants such as new joiners, or specific technical contents such as recruitment or performance management.