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Reduce the impact of unconscious biases – The Implicit Bias Reduction Program

The first unconscious bias digital training to effectively change behaviors of thousands of employees



The Implicit Bias Reduction Program is the first digital brain training to reduce the impact of unconscious bias in day to day behavior.

Together with our in-person sessions, it is proven effective:


80% reduce their biases*


40% become neutral*

*Effectiveness measured on a sample of training participants. Impact measured with Implicit Association Tests. A significant number of clients reported hiring a more diverse slate of talents, representative of candidate pools.

It is the outcome of ten years of research and development with a group of highly eminent scientists.

Why use this program?

This program will allow participants to learn simple and effective techniques to unlearn unconscious bias. Its step by step approach and user-friendly interface delivers a positive learning experience for lasting results.
Every two days, the software will invite participants to exercise new, more inclusive behaviors, on a daily basis.
Participants can interact with the software program via their own calendars. It therefore acts like an electronic coach. It is also completely anonymous and highly secured.



Key advantages

Allows effectively changing behavior of thousands of employees

Completely integrated into participants’ day to day agenda, it is part of daily activities, not a training on the side
Self-paced program, with very short sessions spanning over 7 to 12 weeks depending on participants’ preferences.
Alternating simple and impactful activities – from a few seconds for most activities to an hour for some external activities
Providing on-going, anonymous and individualized feedbacks
A sequential approach allowing participants to repeat some of the activities to ensure the “concepts stick”
Cost effective



The IBRP improves the managerial skills and objectiveness of our participants, including senior managers. It can be used as a standalone or, best, as a follow up of Diverseo’s in-person training program to best sustain behavioral change over time.

Together with our customized training the trainer package, corporations can now achieve large scale, deep, behavioral change.





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