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Online tools to surface and reduce unconscious bias

With Diverseo’s scientific online tools, surface and reduce individuals’ unconscious bias on a large scale.

Generate awareness - E-learning

Generate awareness and learn general concepts of unconscious bias with our E-learning

Research shows unconscious bias e-learning can backfire. Diverseo’s training has been scientifically developed for effective behavioral change.

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Surface unconscious biases - Implicit Association Tests website

Surface your organizations’ unconscious biases with our anonymous customized IATs

Unconscious bias can be scientifically measured at the individual level to help individuals and organizations target their priorities. Customized IATs can fit with your culture and priorities and instigate behavioral change.

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Reduce the impact of unconscious biases - The Implicit Bias Reduction Program

Effectively reduce unconscious bias to change behaviors

The Implicit Bias Reduction Program is the first digital cognitive training to reduce the impact of unconscious bias in day to day behavior. Its development started in 2006. In 2012, published research provided evidence of its long term effectiveness to change behaviors.

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Reduce unconscious biases in HR decisions – the 7 steps tool™

Reduce unconscious biases in HR decisions – the 7 steps tool™

WWe sometimes hire or promote the wrong individual because of our unconscious bias. The 7 steps™ is a simple user-friendly tool guiding you through a deductive decision-making process to be more efficient.

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