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Diversity Analytics

Create a rich and diverse talent pipeline with advanced analytics


By combining our deep experience in D&I with our in-house expertise in IT and high level, sophisticated analytics, we identify hidden patterns in your organization in a few weeks to rapidly shift mindsets and take action.

Despite continued efforts for a more diverse workforce, including at the top, many organizations struggle to get results. Their numbers are not moving. Some have ambitious action plans and significant investments and yet, disappointing results. Others still need to get management buy-in to implement an effective action plan.

At Diverseo, we have helped several large organizations make significant changes in their workforce composition and improve performance by leveraging diversity analytics.

We deliver precise and effective insights. We help you identify exactly where to focus the effort and what actions to take to enhance the return on investment of your HR and diversity action plans.

Client case

One of our clients was stuck with 17% women in executive positions. This number had remained stable for about 6 years. Our approach helped them increase that ratio to 25% in three years.
We gathered internal data from diverse sources inside the organization. From the data, using sophisticated statistics, we surfaced the typical successful career path to executive positions and the bottlenecks for diversity. With a predictive model and algorithms, we identified the precise levers to retain and develop women inside the organization.

Our approach is effective and agile


While most big data and HR analytics solutions represent a significant investment, we address your most pressing issues by developing specific, bespoke analysis. We leverage a unique mix of sophisticated analytics and 20 years of experience in diversity management.



Enhance the effectiveness of your diversity policies by leveraging your existing data

Increase your ability to drive an engaged and diverse workforce with predictive models that you control

Contribute to shifting mindsets by revealing the real patterns

Mitigate potential legal action risk by leading the change