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Don’t wait 90 years for results…

Percent of women in Fortune 500 boards
The vast majority of diversity initiatives do not register effective impact on increasing the diversity of senior executive teams.

This is especially true for gender diversity. At current pace, it would take most corporations more than 90 years to reach parity in senior executive ranks while women represent more than 55% of master degrees in Europe or in the US. And yet, gender diversity at the top is clearly correlated with a higher performance level of up to 32 points for their shareholders*.

The same holds for the management of an increasing diversity of suppliers, partners or clients.

International research has evidenced that many diversity policies fail to achieve results because they tend to reinforce differences and stereotypes instead of reducing them.

To achieve effective diversity management, reducing the impact of unconscious biases is key. Such unconscious biases have a major impact on a company ability to capture the performance potential behind diversity. Research shows such biases or automatic associations reduce both our ability to make objective talent related decisions and individual performance at quantitative tasks by an average of 20%**.

*Source: Catalyst

**Source: Glen Adams, 2005

Impact of manager implicit bias on subordinate performance

…our clients get results in 36 months

Percent of women among general managers at Diverseo client
Our goal is to help organizations increase performance by setting up effective diversity strategies to better leverage an increasingly diverse pool of talents, suppliers or clients.

Diverseo’s innovative approach has already allowed several large corporations to obtain significant results in increasing diversity, mainly women or international managers, in senior positions.

For example, one of our clients has increased the proportion of women in business units’ general manager positions from 15% to 34% in 36 months.


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