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What we do

Diverseo integrates general management consulting, mind sciences and technology to enhance business performance

Risk & Finance


Measure and overcome unconscious biases in risk management and financial decisions to increase performance

Investments and risk preferences can sometimes be irrational as influenced by unconscious biases. Such biases result from our immediate environment but also from individual features. Our approach aims at quantifying their strength and impact on business performance and adequately implement cognitive bias reduction plans to increase performance.

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Uncover and quantify consumers’ unconscious attitudes to grow your brand

Traditional marketing is dead, let’s focus on value and growth! Often expensive and open to interpretation, traditional marketing often fails in capturing the unconscious preferences of consumers. Based on the latest advances in mind sciences, we help surface and quantify conscious and unconscious consumers’ attitudes to grow businesses.

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Diversity management


Effectively leverage a diversity of talents, markets and business models

The vast majority of diversity initiatives do not register effective impact on increasing the diversity of senior executive teams or capturing diverse customer segments. The main barrier is that they address the explicit way of thinking while most diversity issues are also implicitly ingrained in the individual or corporate culture. By also integrating our unconscious attitudes, our diversity management approach has proved its effectiveness in several large organizations.

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Talent & HR management

Transform your organization for more objective talent-related decisions

Diverseo helps large organizations improve quality of decision making in recruitment, performance evaluation and talent development. We support our clients to better align core criteria and processes with their strategic objectives to leverage a wide range of talents.

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The Leadership Recoder

Recode your automatic drivers to be more authentic and inclusive

The Leadership Recoder is the first digital Leadership program integrating the latest knowledge on the unconscious workings of the mind to deeply enhance leadership skills on a sustainable basis.

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