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The Leadership Decoder

The Leadership Decoder
The Leadership Decoder research investigates how leaders develop automatic, unconscious assumptions about themselves, others and their organization. The latest part of the research, conducted in 2014, includes more than 2470 recipients, mainly senior executives and young high potentials of more than 70 nationalities. Its key findings invite us to revisit many assumptions related to leadership and unconscious bias:

  • 75% of the leaders are unaware of their actual, true leadership drivers. Introspection or our explicit minds shows limited effectiveness. Tools accessing the unconscious, such as the Leadership Decoder, are necessary to surface, understand and change one’s leadership drivers.
  • we tend to develop inaccurate assumptions about others: most of us believe that women tend to lack self-confidence while most women are in fact self-confident. The Leadership Decoder allows leaders to uncover and challenge such unconscious assumptions.

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