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Our values

Our values

Our goal is to make a long lasting positive impact in the world in which we live and provide our team with an intellectually challenging work environment.

We systematically strive for impact

Effectively improving quality of business decisions, instigating and sustaining behavioral change are our primary motivator.

We adhere with the highest professional standards

Our teams have strong work ethics. We thrive to deliver work of the highest quality. If we believe we will not be able to deliver our high standards, we do not hesitate to inform our clients and recommend changing, postponing or canceling a project.

We abide by the highest ethical standards

We are convinced that fairness and transparency are key performance enablers. We seek to display those values in our behaviors, and share them with our clients.

We are patient when needed and flexible in our consulting involvement

Successful behavioral change can take time. All our long standing clients have seen ups and downs in their change management programs, from achieving quick wins to getting stuck and registering momentum again. We adjust the intensity of our presence to our clients’ specific needs over time and stay alongside as needed to help them win.

We apply the highest confidentiality standards

Diverseo team members have developed an acute sense of the need to keep critical client information confidential. All client information and data and most often client identity remain strictly confidential.

We are passionate about cognitive science and innovation

We seek to integrate the latest research in mind in business management thereby enhancing impact.

Managing talents and diversity as a strategic advantage

For Diverseo, attracting the best and brightest -starting with our own team— is a key competitive advantage. All our team members have demonstrated a unique ability whether by obtaining highly selective degrees or starting their careers in highly demanding work environments. Many of us bring a significant diversity to the team,  whether through various cultural backgrounds, skills or behavioral styles.