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About us

Diverseo is a team of exceptional talents whose objective is to improve quality of decision making to create a better world.

We are passionate about cognitive sciences and technology. We enrich general management consulting approaches to help large organizations register impact in areas where obtaining results has been limited to date.

We are proud to be highly inventive by developing practical applications from cognitive sciences to help large organizations improve their effectiveness in diversity management, human resources management, marketing, finance and risk management.

Diverseo was founded in 2006 by Nathalie Malige and Brigitte Gervais Baumann. From the outset, they started developing innovative contents with Project Implicit, mainly Prof. Mahzarin Banaji from Harvard University. Since then, Diverseo extended its practices from diversity management to human resources management, followed more recently by finance, risk management and marketing.

As of today, Diverseo has performed projects spanning over the United States, Brazil, Argentina, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, South Africa, Egypt, China, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea.

Diverseo’s team experience spans across many industries such as banking, insurance, healthcare, basic materials, specialty chemicals, energy, professional services, consumer goods, retail, high tech, automotive, public utilities, governments, ….

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