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Diverseo improves objectiveness of decision-making and sustainably shifts mindsets by reducing the impact of unconscious bias



The first effective program to eliminate unconscious bias

The outcome of ten years of research with eminent scientists


For recruiters and hiring managers:
Hire the best candidate




80% reduce their biases*


40% become neutral*


*Effectiveness measured on a sample of training participants. Impact measured with Implicit Association Tests. A significant number of clients reported hiring a more diverse slate of talents, representative of candidate pools.




Effectively leverage a diversity of talents and markets

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The Leadership Recoder

Identify and control automatic leadership drivers

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Risk & Finance

Overcome irrational financial decisions

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Talent & HR processes

Make more objective talent-related decisions

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Uncover and quantify unconscious attitudes

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Why should I care about unconscious bias?

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The United Nations’ Women Empowering Principles launch a call to action on unconscious bias: Diverseo is proud to support the effort



A dedicated UN WEP website with Business Implicit Association Tests -IAT.



A primer on how to reduce unconscious bias.



Youtube UN Keynote Thumbnail

At the United Nations, in New York, a talk on how to surface and address unconscious bias.


Read the United Nations’ call to action

Read the call